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“Maybe it’s because we’re all so overloaded with information. Maybe it’s because we’re all so starved for meaning. Or maybe it’s because, thanks to social media, everyone’s become a broadcaster these days. Whatever the reason, we’re all getting the same memo at the same time: if you want to be heard, you’d better learn to tell better stories.” ~ Jonah Sacs, author of Story Wars

Got Story or NOT?

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Paul Zak's Video of Brains on Stories @ bit.ly/1SIKrFT
Warning! All multimedia is NOT digital storytelling! These two words are NOT synonyms! While there are powerful multimedia products but that does not make them storytelling! Well-crafted, purposeful storytelling has immense KLOUT or power!

Do you know the difference or not?Peek into Bernajean's brief video introduction![Click Here]
What does cortisol and oxytocin have to do with a 19th-century German playwright? Not all stories keep our attention or KLOUT! The brain research on the power of storytelling in communication shows amazing engagement, influence and impact on others when Freytag's Classical Dramatic StoryARC structure is used to unfold the story with a MESSAGE! The inciting incident [problem or dilemma] begins the story's interest - then creative tension with struggles to resolve - and finally delivering a POINT!

What is DIGITAL STORYTELLING? It is a lot more than using simply mixing multimedia; it is the delivery of a rich, artistic experience with a storyline driven by THE POINT that has the power to change the brain's attention and chemistry. Digital storytelling's power lies in purposefully unfolding a Classcial Dramatic StoryARC that is then brought ALIVE with a palette of digital tools that dances images, sounds, voices, and special effects together into a sensory, emotionally charged experience of a well-written storyline that needed -to-be-told! For a brief video introduction PLUS Bernajean's Take Six: Elements of Good Storytelling handout [Click Here]

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Emotion in storytelling is essential to grab and hold attention!
Applied Storytelling [fiction and non-fiction] achieves practical outcomes including making sense and meaning out of facts; increasing the depth and speed of learning; synthesizing complex concepts; clarifying our thinking; enhancing the “sticking power” of new concepts; influencing others; igniting action; inspiring understanding of ourselves and our world as well as crafting blueprints that build futures for individuals and cultures.

Online Courses: Are you prepared YET to lead students and others in mastering media-based communication forms useful in all content areas along with the cultivating the craftsmanship of using multimedia to express ideas? Join in as Bernajean brings global educators together with four [4] online interactive courses in media-making and digital storytelling richly sprinkled with student examples.

Each of the four [4] online courses may be taken as stand-alone courses or culminated in an accredited certificate. View a video introduction to EACH course as you like. [Click Here]

Customized workshops and presentations available as well. Email Bernajean with requests or more information!