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It's NOT about making multimedia products or playing technology - it's about KLOUT POWER! Giving our students the practice to master the grammar and syntax for a range of media-based skills will increase their personal influence and impact power in an age of information "noise" clouding our attention.

Research shows "You've got seconds to grab someone's attention and only 10 minutes to keep it." Audience boredom, disconnects or mis-understandings usually stems from a failure with content and delivery designs, not the lack of skill with the digital tool itself” [Dr. John Medina, author of Brain Rules]

The following courses are designed to increase the rigor, relevance, impact and ATTENTION power of student-created media products that will also deliver high value in classroom course work. These media-based courses are designed to experience a multitude of media-making tools as well as sequence and build skills for educators in designing and creating multimedia along with digital storytelling learning tasks for their students, using tools and processes to ensure media products arrive in the zone of “excellence” as well as the teacher's capacity to assess media products.

While the five [5] courses can be clustered into a finale Certificate, educators can jump into ANY of these courses ANY time as each of them are designed to also be taken as stand-alones or even out of sequence as interested. Course FIVE is a customized performance task demonstrating mastery of concepts and skills experienced during Courses ONE-FOUR. Course FIVE structures a Hands-on Practicum for educators to develop and implement [with instructor as critical friend] an individual, media-based project engaging their students in the art and creativity of their own MultiMedia and/or Digital Storytelling projects to meet their learning targets.

Graduate Credit Available

Each of the courses listed below are eight weeks in duration [with the exception of Course FOUR ~ the onsite practicum course FOUR which is customized] with an option to obtain a certificate of completion and/or three [3] graduate credits from Colorado State University - Global Campus.

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