Let’s make nonfiction that is more thrilling than fiction. Let’s use the best of what fiction has to offer and make it more exciting because what happened was real. – Ellen Windemuth from Off the Fence.

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StoryTelling is a highly desirable, essential leadership skill @ bit.ly/1NQkS8Q
Storytelling has never been JUST a literature skill – it can be acquired, mastered and applied as an enduring, art form useful across the curriculum and an opportunity to rehearse for life after schooling. StoryTelling is experiencing a resurgence as an essential communication skill in order to succeed in business, change management, influencing decision making, and . . . well, re-shaping the world because who we are are the stories we tell.
Do you feel prepared to tap into the influence power of storytelling to thrive in an info glut, fast-paced changing world?
Applied Storytelling [fiction and non-fiction] achieves practical outcomes including making sense and meaning out of facts; increasing the depth and speed of learning; synthesizing complex concepts; clarifying our thinking; enhancing the “sticking power” of new concepts; influencing others; igniting action; inspiring understanding of ourselves and our world as well as crafting blueprints that build futures for individuals, businesses and cultures.
The story making process helps synthesize data bits into an essence of understanding that can be compelling as well as convincing. Participants will explore fourteen [14] applications of storytelling before taking a deep dive into the process of constructing ONE curriculum-based, non-fiction storytelling rich in facts and understanding as curriculum learning evidence.

Stories shape us – shape our world, our way of thinking, our way of life and our possibilities ~ the world needs better stories to shape our lives for good.
Preparing our youth to activate this narrative intelligence for good is an urgent mission calling all educators leading any content and grades area as skills for thinking, learning and impacting others in a digital age. Project ideas, processes and tools will be combined into participants' creating personal media expressions that taps into storytelling KLOUT!
Bernajean offers Applied StoryTelling as a creative, hands-on [make your own] interactive process delivering the following OUTCOMES for participants:

  • Articulating and applying the brain science that increases storytelling KLOUT for learning, thinking and communicating
  • Understanding the difference between digital storytelling and all other multi-media
  • Defining TYPES of communication across the curriculum
  • Exploring fourteen [14] uses of applied storytelling
  • Utilizing the Seven Steps for crafting ALL multi-media products
  • Coaching rigorous content
  • Coaching "Performing" voice-overs
  • Defining / applying the Take Six Elements of Good Storytelling
  • Assessing the craftsmanship of communication
  • Understanding elements for mixing media into "Illuminated" Understandings
  • Exploring creativity with APPS and tools

FourTeen Categories of StoryTelling Uses

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