Beyond Words ~ Becoming Wizards withe 21st Century Communication Skills

Urgent! Human beings needed with effective communication skills in order to translate inert, raw information into valuable knowledge useful and beneficial to others. No paper allowed!
It isn't about media-making - its about growing and mastering skills for attention power! For students to be effective communicators in the 21st century, sophisticated skills in expressing ideas with multiple communication technologies will be needed. Even though writing skills still form a crucial foundation in developing digital media, printed text has lost its monopoly to multimedia in the information age. So how do paper-trained educators transform themselves into wizards at organizing and coaching content-based, student digital products that grab attention, mesmerize audiences with engagingly, rigorous content while purposefully impacting others long after? Using any of the dynamic media tools enabling new forms of communication beyond words will require practicing new literacies that master the grammar of reading/writing of images and sound as well as crafting information for impact. Building and communicating understanding isn’t improved by using the fancy, infamous bells and whistle features in myopic tools like PowerPoint. The new communication needs are less about mastering technical skills of technology than about being able to design information by artfully using sound, images, transitions and special effects in ways that dance ideas together into illuminated understandings.

Session Topics

  • Opening
  • Topic: NeuroMarketing – The Science of Attention
  • Process: Content – Rigor or NOT?
  • Process: Digital Storytelling or NOT!
  • Topic: Take Six ~ Elements for StoryMaking and StoryTelling
  • Topic: TYPES of Communication ~ Intro to Scoring Guides
  • Process: First Plunge in Craftsmanship
  • Process: Scoring for Craftsmanship
  • Topic: Seven Steps ~ Coaching Good to Great
  • Topic: Designing Information ~ The Role of Storyboarding
  • Process: Coaching Performing VoiceOvers
  • Topic: The Grammar of Images
  • Topic: The Grammar of Sound
  • Topic: Media Literacy ~ The Grammar and Fluency of Slide Making
  • Process: Media Literacy ~ the Grammar and Fluency of Graphic Novel Making
  • Topic: Transmedia Storytelling ~ Ready or NOT!
  • Topic: Copyright Friendly or NOT ~ Strategies for Digital Citizenship Ethics
  • Process: Tools Galore! An ExplorITorium for GREAT Resources
  • Closing

Today's Handouts ~ Links ~ Tools

Beyond Words ~ The Craftsmanship of Communication
Compare and Contrast Story Versions
• Take Six Elements for Good Storytelling

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