Brains-on-Stories ~ The Power and Impact of Narrative Storytelling in a Digital Age

"The idea of combining data, emotion and empathy as part of a narrative is something every leader and organization has to internalize as an essential communication skill. If they don’t, they will find themselves on the wrong side of history.” ~ Om Malik

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  • Opening - Chat Room a la TodaysMeet
  • A Story ~ A Story
  • Got Story or NOT? Distinguishing between MultiMedia Stories and Digital Storytelling
  • Understanding the Science of Power StoryTelling
  • Using Seven Steps to Media Making
  • Group Task ~ Finding a Story - StoryJamming
  • Understanding the Role of StoryTelling as a Communication Form Moving Data to Enduring Understandings [Toxic Joe]
  • Group Task ~ Creating a StoryARC
  • Process: Defining and Applying Take Six: Elements of a Good Story
  • Group Task ~ Creating an Emotional ARC [Living in the Story]
  • Role of StoryBoarding as a "Rosetta Stone"
  • Craftsmanship ~ Creating Artistic Experiences [Images and Sound]
  • Group Task ~ Storyboarding: Passing the GREEN Light Test
  • Applied StoryTelling ~ Making Classsroom Connections with Digital Storytelling
  • Creativity ~ Tools Options and Techniques to Ensure ILLUMINATING Media Making
  • Group Process ~ Project Time for Media Making
  • ShowTime ~ Applause! Applause!
  • Closing Debriefing

Today's Tools for Processes

• FIRST Day Resource Requests

• Creating EASY QR Codes [Click Here]
• View a MS Machinima a la Second Life [Click Here]
• Sound Recording Booth [Click Here]

• Second Day Resource Requests

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• View a iAnimate's Student Compilation RealShow [Click Here]
• View Animation Chefs [kids teaching kids] Rwanda Project [Click Here]
• Creating GREAT VoiceOvers [Click Here]
Ideas for Creative STILL Images [Click Here]
• iPad Storytelling APPS [Click Here]
• Teleprompter Lite APP [Click Here]
• Dictation Voice to TEXT using Google Chrome [Click Here]

PDF Handouts

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1. Creating a StoryARC

2. Compare and Contrast Liza's Stories

3. Take Six Elements

4. Old Mother Hubbard Task

5. StoryBoard Template [Elem]

6. StoryBoard Template [MultiMedia]

7. StoryBoard Template [Filming]

8. DocuDrama Scoring Guide

9. Craftsmanship Elements Scoring Guide

Craftsmanship Slide.030 copy.jpgScoring VoiceOvers.jpg
10. Media Making Skills -
Identifying ROL [Returning on Learning]

12. Defining 14 Applied StoryTelling Categories

Applied Storytelling CHART.001 copy.jpg
Applied StoryTelling Chart ~ 14 Categories

I-imagine Titles Composite.png
I-imagine Curriculum for Vision StoryTelling Videos

Additional Resources

Research and Readings on Brain Power on StoryTelling

  • Wired for Story~ Bernajean's TOP Reading Book [Click Here]
  • The Feel Good Principle ~ Science of Storytelling and What's Missing in Marketing [CLICK Here]
  • Media and Psychology of Story ~ A Curated Collection of Publications [CLICK Here]
  • AnyTime AnyWhere M-Language Learning [Click Here]
  • Harvard Review "Irresistibility of StoryTelling as a Business Tool" [Click Here]