Comic-Making / Graphic Novel APPS

comic life 3 APP.jpg

Comic Life 3.0 [$4.99]
Turn your photos into amazing comic pages or create an entire comic book with Comic Life. Start with fully customizable templates or build your own pages with speech balloons, comic lettering, and photo filters so slick they can make your grandmother look like a superhero. Fully functioning AS IF you had the desktop version at hand. This program has long been considered the "cadillac" of graphic novels and comic books. The many templates and ability to customize supports using panels as visual storytelling PLUS avoids cookie-cutter look-alike products. Variations of creative expression ABOUND! View tutorial [Click Here]

Stroy Me Comics APP.jpgStory Me [FREE]
Story Me is a free iPad app for turning your pictures into comic strips providing more than a dozen layout options to which you can add pictures from your iPad’s camera roll and or from your Facebook account. After importing pictures into a template you can apply cartoon effects to the pictures. To complete the creation process just tap on your imported pictures to add speech bubbles and captions. Story Me is easy to use and because it doesn’t require users to create an account it is a good choice for elementary school use.

Make Beliefs Comix APP - Languages.jpgMake Beliefs Comix [FREE]

Make Beliefs Comix is a free multilingual comic strip creation tool. To create your comic tales, you can select from 44 human and animal characters, each showing 4 different emotions for a total of 176 character choices – there's even a werewolf, vampire and poodle girl to stir things up. Then, put words in the mouths and thoughts in the heads of these fun characters as you fill in their talk and thought balloons.The best feature of the app is that it supports the creation of comics in seven languages; English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Latin. To enhance your stories, you also can choose which of the dozens of objects and scenes to add to the template panels where you place your characters.


Strip Designer [$2.99]
Strip Designer provides dozens of comic strip layouts from simple one frame comics to one page layouts in a variety of configurations to multiple page layouts there is probably a layout that works for all students. And if not, your students can create their own custom comic strip layouts in Strip Designer much like Comic Life with a slightly cheaper price tag. Strip Designer allows students to create comics from scratch by drawing pictures, taking pictures, or importing pictures. It lets you add photos, speech bubbles and additional effect stickers into a professional looking comic or graphic novel. You can even paint on the photos or draw sketches from scratch!


Toontastic [$9.99]
Making cartoons is as easy as putting on a puppet show with Tootastic - supports the STORY ARC with prompts! YAY!!! A simple press the button, move your characters onscreen, and tell your stories through play. Once you are done, Toontastic will playback your animation and voice as a cartoon for you to share with friends and classmates. One of the BEST cartoon-making APPS out there - a Bernajean FAV - worthy of the pricing!

Comic Heads Lite APP Free.jpg
Comic Head LITE [FREE]

Comics Head enables you to express with a visually compelling format - comics and photo journals. You needn't be an artist!
Unlimited editable comics and templates available with over 1500+ Themed Art Assets (Beach, Fruits, Vegetables, Kitchen, Zodiac symbols and more...) Create a comic with up to 4 pages. Capture screenshots of Web pages and Maps without closing the App


Comic Creator [$1.99]
Turn your own photos into a dynamic comic book with Comic Creator. Insert images into customisable templates that allow pan, zoom in and zoom out. Add you speech bubbles from the selection and then use the app to share with other or social networks.


PhotoComic [.99]
Photocomic is easy to use and discover. Start by selecting a layout, ad photos to each frame and then select one of the various bubbles to add text. Interaction with each object by double tapping. Capture the right moments and present your story creatively.