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Quote: Our minds process forty bits of info per second but our nonverbal [visual] brains process eleven million bits during that same second - Martha Beck Finding Your Way in A Wild New world

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Micro Project Idea

1. Taking Your Own [DYI]Visual StoryTelling + STILL Images.071.jpg

  • Stills
  • Filming
  • Understand Camera Shots [PLUS Meaning]
  • Understand Camera Angles [PLUS Meaning]
  • Explore a myriad of special effects APPS as real time photo "filters"
[e.g. Paper Camera APP or ToonCam APP]

Ideas for Learning Tasks

  1. Create a one page story [graphic novel] expecting a mixture of shots and angles to visually unfold the story. Use CHOGGER ~ FREE Online Comic MakingTool [Click Here]
  2. Ask students create their own "3X5 Flip Book" of their own camera work demonstrating EACH shot. Place "Flip Book" on a notebook ring and have it handy while "in the field."
  3. Ask students to develop a visual story with "Five Photo Frames" using at least 2-3 camera shots. [Directions]
  4. Ask students to develop a visual story in "Five Video Shots" using at least 2 camera shots and no less than two camera angles.
  5. PUBLISHING @ Submit a SIX Word Story One image of own creation AND six words to tell a story!
  6. PUBLISHING @ Six Words for Schools ~ Six Words Challenge with Topic or Theme of the Month
  7. LESSON PLAN - Introducing Six Word Writing Task

2. Expect SAFE Searching of Online IMAGE [Collections]

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3. Creativity and Customizing Tools [Explore Side Navigation Bar for More Resources]


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