All Multi-Media is NOT Storytelling! Do you know the difference?Take a peek into a brief [6 min] introduction of the difference between media-making and digital storytelling ~ thereby lies the secret to storytelling power! When a story making is finished, it should be remembered for its soul not the bells and whistles of technology tools. ~ Bernajean Porter, 2004

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  • I-imagine Wiki - Storytelling Project for student vision videos AS IF already shining their light in the world. Great for unleashing potential; in-depth connections with students; community building; counseling, e-portfolios, or vitas or resumes.

  • Step into Bernajean's 3D eMaze GalleryWalk of I-imagine Videos [Click Here]
  • DigiTales: The Art of Telling Digital Stories

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ISTE article on Immersive Digital Storytelling in Second Life - the Ramapo 3D Storyworld

• Creative Teachers Magazine - What is Digital Storytelling?

• Creative Teacher's Magazine - Curriculum Connections with StoryTelling

Take Six: Elements of Good StoryTelling ~ If you have these elements -- You've GOT Story!