Image Sources - Free or Reusable

Even though these resources are offered as starting places for finding best available images with purchasing them - taking your own photos / film footage is the optimal strategy for ensuring copyright friendly resources. However, IF you do select an image from from the internet - check copyrights AND collect full citation of source. Use a citation program like BibME or . . . a word document. Either way taking note of the resource at the time you collect it will save stress and time later when giving credits to the images finally chosen for your work. All credit citations should be posted at the end of all works.

One GREAT copyright friendly idea is to take your own photos! Consider posting them on Flickr with Creative Commons Rights to share with others!

Image-Editing Creative Commons-infographic.jpg

Image-Making Tips

  • Shot Types Common types of shots, picture composition with purpose guidelines [stills and video].
  • Master Shots - A series of student-created videos to illustrate Hollywood-style techniques

Image Search Engines

Image Collections

  • Photos for Class - Search re-uable copyright - automatic citations
  • ImageBase - created by a professional photographer named David Niblack to help educators have access to free image resources.
  • FREEIMAGES Free high quality digital photographic images.
  • NYPL DIGITAL GALLERY Free and open access to over 700,000 images digitized from the The New York Public Library's vast collections.
  • ImageAfterAll high resolution stock photos can be freely downloaded and used in commercial or personal works.
  • Copyright Free Images Copyright friendly images, hi res, for any use.
  • Creative Commons 200 Million Images
  • Image Base Free Photos ~ treat like public domain
  • Pixabay - Stunning Public Domain Images
  • Photo 8 ~ Free Stock Photos with acknowledgements
  • Public Domain Images - large collection for personal or commercial use
  • Morgue Files - Public image archive and retrieval
  • FreeFoto - Large collection free for educational offline use
  • Photopedia - Collaborative photo collections
  • Microsoft Office Image files IF district/building license
  • Ustream IF district/building license
  • Pics4Learning IF district/building license