StoryMaking Software


StoryMaking is a process that can facilitated by a variety of digital tools chosen by FUNCTION! Following the Seven Steps of StoryMaking provides an opportunity to master a variety of tools. The following suggestions offer a starting place for integrating technology tools that supports this process. The list is updated frequently as new choices enter the marketplace so check in often or send additional ideas to Depending on time and interest, choose the tools that best fit your readiness for digital storytelling. No need to use them all - start with MOST added-value and then as students master the process PLUS the tools - consider expanding their options. ONE big goal for students as media-makers would be letting them take responsibility and delight in selecting the tools that inspire creativity THEIR way. This helps avoid "cookie-cutter" look-alike media products to shine out more individuality in expressing ideas. See more in-depth information for video-making and other media production tools on the navigation side bar.


Have xtra creative fun checking out the iPad Storytelling APPS!



Image - Editing

  • LiveQuartz Online FREE 1.9 (MAC)
  • SplashUP Online FREE (PC/MAC)
  • PhotoShop Elements (PC/MAC) Purchase or Licensed
  • Pixie (PC/MAC) Elementary - Purchase or Licensed
  • Pixlr (OnLine) - FAB FREE highly functioned w/ layers too!

Image Creativity

  • Morfo APP - transform still images to become 3D animated dialogues
  • Befunky Online - cartoonizing images
  • Superlame Online - adding comic speech bubbles to photos
  • Wordle - word clouds
  • Tagul Online - wordle-like but with shapes
  • MorphThing Online- merges two photos
  • GoAnimate4Schools - lessons, tools and sharing libraries
  • Vovox
  • Tagul
  • PhotoMosaics
  • Gizmodo ~ (ipad apps) - blurring pixels in images
  • MorphX - (MAC) - morphing software
  • Easy Morph (PC) - morphing software

Music / Audio Generators

Royalty Free Media

  • Public Domain Images Public domain pictures, royalty free stock photos. Copyright free images for any personal or commercial use.
  • SoundzAbound - Royalty free music accessed online from anywhere
  • JumpBacks - Royalty free video clips from Digital Juice


  • Xtra Normal
  • GoAnimate2
  • PowToons


  • WonderShare [iMovie-ish video-editing for PC]
  • WeVideo [Free - Online with limited production time without subscription]
  • MovieStorm - 3D MovieMaking - Free Trail Downloads (MAC and PC)
  • CuteCut APP - [Free at this time]
  • iMovie '11 (MAC) [Free]
  • Final Cut Elements / PRO (MAC) Purchase or License
  • Movie Maker (PC) Free but limited functions
  • VideoStudio Pro X14 (PC) Purchase or License [THE bestest MOST Bernajean FAV for PC users!!]
  • JumpCut Online Editing
  • Jaycut Online Editing
  • EyeSpot Online Editing
  • Cuts Online Editing
  • Motionbox Online Editing
  • YouTube Remixer Online Editing
  • RiffTrax Online Editing
  • A review of 30 video-editing programs - some free and downloadable in the list!

Comic-Making including Comic Videos

  • Comic Life - Purchase the BEST
  • Pixton - Online
  • iMovie '11 makes comic videos