Talking Photos, Auras and More! Oh My!

Talking Photos, Auras and More! Oh My!

Step into exploring curriculum connections and possibilities. New tools are fascinating and enchanting for their novelty as well as creativity. But creativity is about the imagination coming ALIVE not the razzle dazzle of tool features. Every media element created needs to strive to become an artistic experience that illuminates the message NOT just repeating facts. No digital tool should be the main character taking over the content message - beware of media being decoration and/or breaking the fourth wall!

Idea #1 ~ Talking Photos

Consider . . . stupid dialogue is STILL stupid when it is digitized . . . just saying
What would you say IF you were a historical, fictional or inanimate object like an art painting? Or had several of them in discussion or debate? Imagination is the ONLY limit! Turning stills into talking characters with real NOT digitized voices opens a world of choices for making understandings come alive! Empathy is also a positive outcome for walking in someone else's shoes when role-playing characters! Consider docudramas, character points-of-view, debates with point - counter points, personal reflections and narratives as part of portfolios, and developing engaging characters for other media products. Make sure the dialogue has rigor and meaning FIRST before creating a digital experience.

Talking APPS

  • PhotoSpeak - 3D animation
  • ChatterPixs
  • Animate Anything

Idea #2 ~ Auras as Virtual Reality Experience

Not JUST another kind of QR code but an opportunity to create an experience with media not possible without these tool. Like year books that come alive with media memories or hand-drawn self-portraits that come alive to share a personal story.

The Aurasma Studio is a free online platform that allows you to create and publish your own augmented reality experiences that we call ‘Auras’. Similar to a content management system, you can create sophisticated and professional-looking Auras in the Aurasma Studio simply by uploading just a few digital assets. Prepare the "trigger" and the "overlay" media FIRST!

First you need to sign up for an account. Please go to to register for a Studio account for free. ***Name account with SAME letters as used in school email. Teachers will want their own accounts FIRST to experiment and prototype. When students are ready for public publishing - find a designated "point" person to help load exhibits into the school's "channel."

Once set up with an Aurasma Studio account, you will be able to start making your Auras by uploading your assets – the images you want our technology to recognize (Triggers), and the videos, information or images you want to overlay these images with on devices (Overlays).

Idea #3 ~ Paper Slide Videos [PSV]

An awesome low-tech media making process that can shine out meaning-making. Expect content beyond facts [aka Rigor]! Expect HIGH quality as well with well practiced PSV products - including performing voice delivery free of background noises - steady cameras [iphone - ipad - cameras and any phone with cameras] - and team work! Think of it as a presentation with JUST voice and creative expression to make an artistic experience that engages others with worthy content!

GalleryWalk - Gather examples and NOT examples for students to construct meaning with exemplar ideas and illuminating craftsmanship

Paper Slides Group Roles.JPGPaper Slides Process.026.jpg