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Using the Classical StoryARC Increases KLOUT!


  • Opening and OverView
  • Group Task: Joining a MicroBlog Chat Room
  • Info-Mercial ~ Story or Not?
  • Applied StoryTelling - Today's Focused on DocuDrama
  • Fourteen [14] Uses of StoryTelling
  • GROUP TASK: QR Code GalleryWalk
  • Info-Mercial: Docu-Dramas Across the Curriculum
  • Optional: Docu-Drama Virtual GalleryWalk
  • Group Project Time ~ Create in Groups of 2-3

    • Story Line Ideas
    • Mapping KEY Concepts and FACTS
  • Group Project Time ~ Create in Groups of 2-3
    • StoryBoarding the StoryARC
    • Setting - Inciting Incident - The POINT
    • Fill in Story Line Plot
    • Check for Emotional Journey
  • Info-Mercial - Creating Paper Slide Videos [PSV]
  • Group Project Time ~ Create in Groups of 2-3
    • Making Paper Slides or Scenes
    • Developing Dialogue / Script
    • OPTIONAL ~ Making Props
  • Info-Mercial - Classroom Connections
  • Group Project Time: Exploring Media-Making MODES
  • Post a copy to Bernajean via "Drop IT To Me" Online
  • Show and Tell with Table Mates
  • Closing

Workshop Resource Links

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ALL StoryTelling Unfolded with a StoryARC!

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• LOG into MicroBlog Chat Room [Click Here]
• Create a NickName: FIRST name + Role as Educator + Country or School
• Click JOIN - YAY . . . You're IN!
• Make FIRST comment . . . "What you MOST want to take away for the day?"
• Be sure to BOOKMARK for multiple returns!!!

  1. Opinion Vote: Story or NOT! [Click Here]
  2. Optional DocuDrama a la eMaze Gallery [Click Here]
  3. OverView of Creating DocuDramas PLUS Assessment [Click Here]
  4. Take Six: Elements of Good StoryTelling [Click Here]
  5. OverView of Creating Paper Slide Videos aka PSV [Click Here]
  6. Exploring Media-Making MODES for Share and Tell [Click Here]
  7. Drop IT To Me - [Click Here] - Browse to File - Upload [Do NOT Need DropBox to Use]

Optional Explorations: Curriculum and TYPES of StoryTelling

  1. DocuDrama Private Fisher [Click Here]
    Economics of StoryTelling - Gordon Hester.jpg
    Mastering StoryTelling One of Highest Communication Skill Sets.
  2. Science StoryTelling: Toxic Joe [Click Here]
  3. Narrative Branding PSA: How Do You Know [Click Here]
  4. Interactive Infographic on Using the Color Black [Click Here]
  5. Teaching Math as StoryTelling PDF [Click Here]
  6. I-imagine Vision Video ~ Amanda [Click Here]
  7. Amanda and Gabby's Journey, Sixth Graders, with I-imagine [Click Here]
  8. Vita Video [Personal Branding] for ePortfolio [Click Here]

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NO Emotional Journey - NO StoryTelling!

Fourteen Applied Uses of StoryTellingBernajean's Online Course for Applied StoryTelling [Click Here]

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