Get Ready for Green Screening Magic Across the Curriculum

Join Bernajean Porter in using the green screen “chroma key” effect to develop meaningful, immersive curriculum connections to enrich digital storytelling media products and more! Hollywood magic is now possible in classrooms with a multitude of video-editing tools PLUS APPS creating stills-on-stills, video-on-stills, and video-on-video productions.

View and evaluate student-created examples while exploring tools, processes and tips to launch your own GREEN SCREEN extravaganza, ages 5 to 95. Leave with ideas for richly crafted storytelling ideas including docudramas, interviews, tableauxs, table-top puppetry, myth-making along with re-enacting a wealth of authentic documentaries across the curriculum.

WARNING: Expect everyone to have outrageous, engaging, artistic learning FUN while definitely supporting the common core!

Video-Editing Green Screening

Green Screen APPS and Tools

Lighting Green Screens for Filming - VIDEO Tutorials

3 Point Lighting.jpg
Three point lighting is the industry standard but common sense about light and shadows will create fairly great classroom GS videos.
NOTE: Lighting definitely impacts the ability to remove the "chroma key" color. Be sure to set up your green screen away from doors, windows, or adjoining walls. Make sure surface is smooth without wrinkles or shadows. You will also want to avoid noise, uneven light, and interruptions to your filming as well as things or kids that can cause damage to your screen.

Ver-r-ry Interesting Ideas ~ Make IT Worth Your Time!

Rigor-fying Ideas.019.jpg

Anything GREEN Disappears ~ Creating Green Screen Spaces

  • Buy a canvas, paint it with Gesso (a paint primer), then use cheap green tempura paint to color it.

  • Buy lime green micro fabric sheets [make sure EXTRA width and draping onto the floor.

  • Cover a board (wood or strong cardboard) with green construction paper.

  • Purchase a foldout screen from or instead of a full green screen kit.

  • Paint a room green.

  • Tack up green fabric on your wall.

  • Install green fabric on a shower curtain and install a rod so your green screen curtain can be pulled out when needed.

  • Purchase or create a lighting rig, and hang green cloth on it instead of lights.

  • Create a roller to roll the green screen out when needed and then rolled up when not needed.

  • Try using an old projection screen. Be sure to attach, roll, and extend the green fabric so that it is tight.

sprint bottle GREEN.png

The RIGHT GREEN increases Success of Realism

Why GREEN? Technically Any ONE color can be "chroma keyed." And blue is the most popular alternative especially if there is green on costumes or backgrounds. However, the green channel is considered the cleanest channel in most digital cameras today. The green channel has the highest luminance of all three (red, green and blue) digital channels, and thus the sensors deliver the least "noise" in that channel.
When creating your own green screen, finding the right color is important! The correct shade of green makes it easier for your computer to remove the green and show your chosen background. When looking for potential green-screen fabric, paper, or paint, think of the color of a Sprite bottle for the right color.


Make your own green screen overlays or . . . search YouTube for free green screen or chroma key overlay video clips which are usually shared as samples to encourage signing up for their full libraries. Use these "overlay" video clips to add interest and creativity to still images and/or videos.

Green Screen body Suits.jpgbatman-greenscreen.jpg.w300h375.jpgGreen Screen PD .JPG

Classroom Green Screen Workshop VIDS

Take a peek into ONE group of students' first practice experience with Table Top Green Screening Puppetry - these third graders from Guy Haberman's class in PSUSD were learning a LOT of technical management before starting their own puppetry filming. Enjoy their first media-making project - [one scene of their adventure movie] and then a bit of a back scene in creating it! Listen for their problem solving conversations! Enjoy watching "many brains on board" learning together how to video tape without "breaking the fourth wall."

Teacher Workshop Practicing Creative Fun w/ Table Top Puppetry